Minimum income for loans

Most banks will reject your loan because your monthly income is too low. Proof of the minimum income must be provided for an uninterrupted period of 12 months. The best-known Swiss loan of the first years was the housewife loan without own income. So much to repay the loan. Loan with the private credit or loan with the private credit Free.

How much money can you have/receive? 

Hello, I need some “change” for a new car and wanted to ask some things: Do you know how much you have to spend per month for a loan application? Of course, there are also the credits that are always advertised on the Internet / Mail / TV, but I would disconnect my hands from it! So much to repay the loan.

The bank determines this through the private credit, compares your revenue, the loan amount and the tranches and asks if necessary, according to your monthly fees. If all is well, nothing stands in the way of a loan.

Germany estimates the ratio between salary and credit costs with a sense of proportion.

In the opinion of most Germans, you need a net income of € 2,500 per month to be able to provide a real estate loan of € 150,000. For 54% of respondents, a net monthly salary of € 2,500 is required to cover the loan burden of a € 150,000 loan. For 35 percentage points, a monthly net profit of 2,000 EUR is sufficient.

“A minimum income of EUR 2,500 is sufficient in most cases to serve a loan of this size,” says Kai Oppel of HypothekenDiscount, a mortgage broker. The question of whether a net wage of EUR 2,000 is sufficient, as estimated at more than one-third, depends on the other economic burdens of the borrower. “It is important that the borrower can maintain his usual lifestyle and not make any unreal benefits – such as not taking a vacation for several years – to finance real estate – 750 EUR, at the current interest rate, the monthly installment for a 150,000 EUR Loan, including a two-fold initial repayment.

“Most financial institutions estimate that 40 percentage points of net household income will be used to cover livelihood costs, depending on the service provider and family size, these costs are estimated to be a minimum of EUR 700 to 1,100, if you have a net household income of EUR 2,000 After settling a loan of 750 EUR you only have 1,250 EUR for livelihood and livelihood.

To what extent is the income needed for lending?


The basis for each loan is basically an available income that allows the borrower to pay the loan properly. That is why, with a few exceptions, credit institutions also only issue loans to customers with endowment income. More important than the source of income is the finding that the result is fixed and regular, which of course is also what the consumer wants at the request of the house bank. can be detected.

The question of the amount of receivables around a loan must not be answered, even lump sum, which depends on several influencing factors, is not answered. Basically, the investment decision of the house bank, whether a loan is possible or not, depends not only on the amount of the creditor’s income, but of course also the regelmäà expenses are taken into account

With a monthly income of 5000 EUR, you are not entitled to a loan if, for example, you have fixed costs of 5,500 EUR per calendar month (as opposed to). So you always have to look at revenue and expenses together. Therefore, most credit institutions prepare a revenue and expenditure account together with the client before granting the loan.

In it, all company income is regularly placed. With a positive account balance, ie higher income than the expenses, this is already an advantage in the credit decision. Basically, it is anyway so that a loan can not take place and should, if the expenses would be higher than the income, because by the loan rate this Situación would deteriorate more and more.

First of all, it has to be kept in mind that the income must always be higher than the expenditures in order to create the basis for granting a loan. The second step is to calculate how much the loan amount can be. The height depends on the one hand from the business interruption and, of course, also from the tariff level.

As a rule, it is the case that the customer wants a certain amount of credit, and then, together with the bank consultant, it has to be calculated whether the necessary tariff amount is also mobile. The amount of the loan, and thus of the loan, again depends on the amount of the balance of monthly income and expenditure.

The lending rate may not be higher than the monthly amount that is free of charge for the current outcome of the disposition. Would the client z. For example, if you receive a loan of EUR 9,000.00, which must be repaid at an interest rate of approximately EUR 8 percentage points, this includes a monthly loan term of approximately EUR 205, including the repayment of the loan with a term of more than six years.

The monthly free available income must therefore be at least 205 EUR, so that the kinetics sustainable. If the borrower does not have this free disposable income available in this minimum amount, he must either reduce the cost or the credit can not be granted in this way.

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