Where is it worth to invest?

Comparison of term deposit interest rates. Investing can be explained by placing free financial resources in order to evaluate them.

Very simply, investing can be explained as placing free funds in order to recover

Very simply, investing can be explained as placing free funds in order to recover

Every investor aims to make the best of the invested funds. However, it is necessary to find the necessary balance between investment risk and a guarantee of return on funds.

The investment market is as diverse as any market for any commodities and products. Placing free funds is easiest in banking institutions in forms that the bank normally offers. Investments in individual tradable commodities or stock markets can yield a relatively interesting appreciation, but they also pose a high risk. On the other hand, if you decide to buy a property for a relatively high amount, you will remain dependent on the real estate market. The time of a real estate investment, it acts as its stabilizing element. However, with all these investments, you will not have the necessary knowledge. So, if you’re still deciding how to invest your funds, you’ll be looking for more options.


The simplest solution is to “invest” your funds in classic time deposits

The simplest solution is to "invest" your funds in classic time deposits

Banks lend these money for a certain return (interest) to those who need it. According to data published by the National Bank of Slovakia in 8 months of 2015, the average annual interest rate on new consumer loans to households was 12.02%. By comparing the highest yields (interest) on time deposits in banks and the average interest rate on loans, even if it is not a comparison of a particular bank, we find a difference of around 11%, which is the funds that will remain exclusively the bank.

Even at a glance, we find that even if we invest funds for more than 12 months in any bank, the return is probably not what we would imagine.


Simple and inspiring solution

Simple and inspiring solution

Best Financial Euro, which provides loans to people for people, has provided an effective solution to eliminate the gap between the investment return and the loan interest bank.


Best Financial Euro redistributes free funds (investments) between individual borrowers. For investors, this way of placing free funds is highly secure because the Best Financial Euro provides a guarantee of return on invested money while diversifying the money invested among several borrowers.


Best Financial Euro, although it does not order it and does not impose any legislative regulation as the first company in Slovakia has created a Guarantee Fund, to which it initially invested € 1,000,000 from its own resources. In order for the Guarantee Fund to match the growing borrowers ‘portfolio, Best Financial Euro automatically pays 1% of each monthly borrower paid to the Guarantee Fund’s separate account held outside the investors’ money. The Company does not become the owner of the invested funds from the investors or use them arbitrarily. All this way of investing through Best Financial Euro is free of any fees. If an investor is not forced to pay dearly to an institution that provides the invested funds (at interest) to those who need it, logically more money will remain to him than the return. For example, Best Financial Euro offers an investment rate of 5 years, an interest rate of up to 5.0% pa

Thanks to online processing and utilization of the latest technologies, the whole process of searching and checking clients is accelerated and costs are reduced to a minimum, so Best Financial Euro can offer better conditions for investments as well as for loans. The Best Financial Euro team is a professional added value to protect your invested funds. Just   select your investment period and its annual interest rate at www.financial website/investicie/ , fill in a short registration, send an investment and make money.

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