Recent quick payday loans

Those who use quick payday loans know that a new lender is a new first interest-free loan, or at least a very cheap first loan. In this article we will look at the two latest instant credit offers available in Latvia.

All recent quick payday credits:

All recent quick credits:

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QuicKy credit – cheap and convenient fast credit. First interest free loan.

QuicKy credit is a relatively new quick lender offering the first interest-free loan. The first interest-free loan is up to EUR 425.00. The loan is issued from the age of 20 and must have a good credit history and regular income that allows repayment of the loan. Of course, there must be a mobile phone connection as well as a current account with one of the Latvian commercial banks.

Fast – fast, easy credit.

Fast is a quick lender that offers the first loan for only 8% of the loan amount (over a 30 day period). That is, if you borrow 100 USD, you will only have to repay 108. The same rules apply as in QuicKy credit: the borrower must be at least 20 years old with a regular income and a good credit history.

With both lenders, you can get a loan in minutes and extend your credit by text message.

Why borrow from these lenders?

Because there are better terms for new lenders – when you borrow for the first time, lenders will no longer give you your first interest-free loan. In fact, the first interest-free loan is offered by most lenders in Latvia, which is very beneficial for customers if they want to save. If you want to borrow a quick payday loan but can’t get interest-free with the major lenders, then the latest fast credit companies you haven’t signed up for will let you get your first loan without interest.

While the first loan is interest-free, not all good is free. Think – do you really, really need this credit? Also, think about what will happen to you – and not just you, but your family – if you don’t pay back on time. Borrow responsibly not only to lenders, but also to yourself and your loved ones.

All the latest quick payday credit lenders will always be on the home page, or the lucrative one when the first loan is on an interest-free loan.

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